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Quick Guide: To move Central Management Store (CMS) to another Lync or Skype for Business Server

Moving Standard Lync CMS to Enterprise Lync/SfB

  1. Backup the CMS from Standard FE server.
    • Export-CsConfiguration -Filename
    • Export-CsLisConfiguration –Filename
  2. Run as Administrator: Open Lync Management Shell from Enterprise Edition Server and type below.
    • Install-CsDatabase –CentralManagementDatabase UseDefaultSQL Paths -SqlServerFQDN –clean
  3. Run as Administrator: Enable from the Lync topology
    • Enable-CsTopology
  4. Run as Administrator: Move the CMS
    • Move-CsManagementServer
  5. Restart both Master Replica Service and File-Transfer Agent service on Front end Servers
  6. Verify if CMS is installed on the EE pool
    • Get-CsManagementConnection
  7. Verify if replication is UpToDate
    • Get-CsManagementStoreReplicationStatus
  8. Re-run “Install or Update Lync Server System” from Front end Servers

Remove the CM store files after a move

  1. Warning! Do not proceed if Get-CsManagementStoreReplication status isn’t UpToDate yet.
  2. Login to Standard FE server and remove CMS database files
    1. Uninstall-CsDatabase –CentralManagementDatabase –SqlServerfqdn –SqlInstanceName rtc

Looks easy, isn’t it?


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