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Upgrading AudioCodes SBA to Skype for Business -Requirements

AudioCodes has created an SBA Upgrade Kit meant for Skype for Business. Essentially, upgrade depends on customer current M1K model or SBA Platform.

The following table lists the different Mediant 1000B SBA platforms and their corresponding SBA upgrade kits.


Upgrading HDMX Module from HDD to SSD

  1. Maintain power to the Mediant 1000B SBA chassis.
  2. Shutdown the SBA server
  3. Remove the current HDMX module from the chassis:
    a. Gently pull the HDMX module’s handle out to the first notch; the handle is now partially pulled out and the module undergoes a shutdown sequence, indicated by the slow-flashing LED on the module.
    b. When the LED stops flashing and is constantly lit, indicating that the shutdown sequence is complete, grip and gently pull the HDMX module’s handle to slide the module out of the slot.
  4. Insert the new HDMX module:
    a. Take the HDMX module out of the box in which it was shipped and remove it from the protective plastic packet.
    b. Hold the new HDMX module in the correct orientation, as shown in the figure below, and gently insert the module into the slot, sliding it along the slot’s guide rails until it makes contact with the card-edge connector located on the backplanesba_hdmxmodule
  5.  Push-in the HDMX module’s handle until it clicks firmly into the slot.

Installing the SBA Skype for Business Image

The SBA Skype for Business application is provided on the USB dongle that is shipped in your ordered SBA upgrade kit. The image also includes Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 installation.

• Before installing the SBA Skype for Business image, make sure that your OSN server (SBA server) is running a compatible BIOS version (5603E216 or later). If not, you need to upgrade the BIOS.
• When you install the SBA Skype for Business image, all previous SBA settings are restored to default settings.

To install the SBA Skype for Business image:

  1. Establish a connection with the OSN server:
    • Direct connection through HDMI
  2. Connect the SBA USB dongle:
    • Direct connection through HDMI: Plug the SBA dongle into one of the available USB ports on the USB hub:sba_hdmi
  3. Reset the OSN server using the OSN module’s handle
    • Even though the handle can be pulled out two notches, gently pull it out only to the first notch; the LED light starts flashing blue:sba_firstnotch
    • Wait until the LED light changes to solid blue, indicating that the SBA server has shut down.
    • Gently push the handle all the way back into the module; the LED switches off, indicating that the SBA server is undergoing a reset:sba_firstnotch2
  4. At the prompt, type the following:
    The following appears:sba_recover
  5. At the confirmation prompt, type the following:
    The Skype for Business and Windows installation begins. When complete, the following appears:sba_complete
  6. Unplug the SBA dongle from the USB port.
  7. At the prompt, type the following:
    • For HDMI Connection: The SBA server restarts to complete installation.
  8. (For OSN3 Module Only) To activate the Windows Server 2012 R2, access the BIOS of the SBA server and enter the Microsoft license (supplied).


Proceed first to do the usual pre-requisites for SBA installation like:

  • Adding SBA to Active Directory
  • Defining Branch Site Topology

And continue the SBA configuration through Web-based (HTTP) SBA Management interface. This procedure I will tackle on another blog.


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