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My own Skype for Business or Lync 2013 SBA Deployment Checklist

1 Pre-activities
1.1 Create Computer Object for SBA: e.g. companysba1
1.2 Add SBA Computer Object (e.g. companysba1) to RTCUniversalReadOnlyAdmins Security Group
1.3 Configure the SPN(Service Principle Name) for the Computer Object companysba1 in ADSI EDIT
1.4 Add the DNS Record for Gateway: e.g. 10.1.1.x, companygw1.local
1.5 Update the SfB Topology by adding the New SBA and Voice Gateway devices to SfB Topology Configuration
1.5.a Rights required: refer to 2.2
2 Installation and Configuration
2.1 Configure the SBA Appliance by running the Setup Wizard on the GUI
2.2 Required AD account during installation:
2.2.a *** Domain Administrator – when joining SBA to domain
2.2.b *** Local Admin|RTCUniversalServerAdmin|CsAdministrator – used for installing SBA and updating SfB Topology etc.
2.2.c *** Domain CA Administrator – when requesting offline cert for SBA, Dell to create the .req file
2.3 Update the SBA with latest SfB Lync Cummulative Update
2.4 Configure a User Based Dial Plan for the New SBA and associate the necessary normalization rules
2.5 Configure the required Voice Policies and Voice routes as per the requirement
2.6 Configure the AudioCodes Voice Gateway with Manipulations rules and Voice routes
2.7 Perform testing by making some test calls and see whether able to establish calls are not
3 Rollback (If required)
3.1 Not required
4 Post-activities
4.1 SBA Failover Testing
4.2 Fine Tuning

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