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Configure Failover Routing with Audiocodes M1000B for Lync or Skype for Business SBA Part 1

This guide is similar as the one published in technet however it is not explain in detailed. Screenshots here are my own. This is my own reference for future use just in case blog technet is down 🙂 . If it helps you, that’s great!

These are divided into 3 Parts

  1. Part 1
  2. Part 2
  3. Part 3

Basic guide for you to configure failover routing with AudioCodes Mediant 1000B for Lync/SfB SBA.


  • M1K Firmware version: 6.80A.258.005
  • Gateway Listening: TCP 5060
  • Lync/SfB Mediation Server Listening: TCP 5068
  • Coders: Mu-law


Configure the Gateway IP Address and DNS settings.


Reset the gateway: Device Actions -> Reset -> Click Reset (Burn to Flash, Yes; Graceful Option, No)


Upgrade the Gateway firmware. (Optional).

Configure NTP settings: Configuration -> System -> Application Settings

Configure SIP General Parameters: Configuration -> Advanced -> SIP Definitions -> General Parameters


Define Coders and Profiles: Configurations -> VoIP -> Coders and Profiles -> Coders


Configure Automatic Gain Control (AGC): Configurations -> Advanced -> VoIP -> Media -> IPMedia Settings


Configure Comfort Noise Negotiation: Configurations -> Advanced -> VoIP -> RTP/RTCP Settings


Enable ENABLEEARLY183 from Gateway Admin Page: Type from browser Http://GW_IPAddress/AdminPage, select ini Parameters


Proceed to Part 2:

Configure Failover Routing with Audiocodes M1000B for Lync or Skype for Business SBA Part 2


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